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Salt Pond Sculling Oars

Salt Pond sculling oars are limited production hand made wood oars for your recreational rowing shell or wherry. They are D section, asymetrical blade, 9 foot 6 inch oars. The shafts are made out of 4 pieces of northern spruce and are hollow to lower weight. The blades are made from laminated ocoume plywood and the handles are lathe turned tapered handles, smallest diameter near the oar shaft (Pete Culler style). The shafts are hand planed to shape and the oars are given one coat of epoxy and four coats of varnish, brushed on, sanded between coats (not dip varnished). I find wood sculls to be not only beautiful to look at but easier to row with espesially in rough water. They give you better balance and are less bothered by waves and wind than the modern carbon blades. Oar kits will soon be available. Finished oars are available by order. $750.00

Wooden Drop In Rowing Unit
For canoes and traditional rowboats. The unit will be approximately 17 pounds, use a wing rigger and will easily removed for transport and storage. More details soon.


Seats Should Be Comfortable, Beautiful and Light

carved rowing seats

Seats are $50.00 for flat bottom pine seats; $75.00 for pine seats with carved top and bottom for 6.5 inch axle; and $100.00 for mahogany and pine laminated seats carved top and bottom
for 6.5 inch axles.



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