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Peregrine Wherry

The Peregrine Wherry is a John Brooks design glued plywood lapstrake rowboat designed for either fixed seat or sliding seat rowing. It is 18 ft LOA, 46 inch beam and about 100 lb.. displacement. This particular Peregrine was started at the WoodenBoat school in Johns class and I purchased the in-completed hull in 2009. It is trimmed in white oak and ash and equipped with a Piantedosi RoWing. There are cane bottom cherry seats for and aft and cedar floor boards. The RoWing can be moved from the mid position to a forward position to keep the boat in balance when carrying a passenger aft and can be removed for transport.

$8500.00 including rowing seat and oars.


Salt Pond Skiff
Status: Sold

I started this boat over a year ago while still working for Brooklin Boat Yard. It was going to replace my Shellback Dinghy which I sold. Since I am not putting my Olsen in the water the skiff is for sale. Skiffs are the true work horses of tenders. If done properly they row very well, have very good carrying capacity and can be pretty seaworthy. They also tow well and when built in lapstrake plywood are very light. This model is fashioned somewhat after Asa Thomson skiff. It is 12 ft. LOA, 48 in beam, and about 100 lb. Construction is glued lapstrake plywood with okoume plywood, mahogany gunwale seat stringers and knees, cedar and pine seats and floor boards. This is not a simple skiff. I have gotten a bit fancy on this skiff with a very strong inner gunwale, seat stringer frames and seats mounted on seat stringers. It also has a 4 oz. layer of fiberglass set in epoxy on the bottom and garboard planks. I also plan to install canvas covered foam gunwale guard and 2 rowing stations on the boat. This gives the boat a more traditional look and makes the boat a very tough and durable tender. Earlier versions of this boat include a fifteen foot model I built in the 90’s and a work boat version I built for a lobster fisherman who is retiring and selling his lobster boat but keeping his skiff.

Wood and Plywood $450.00
Epoxy, Paint, Varnish, brushes $55.00
Fiberglass $20.85
Labor: 108 hr@$25.00 hr $2950.00
Oar Locks, Sockets, etc. $54.27
Total: $3730.12
Oars/w leathers $263.00

Shellback Dinghy

The shellback dinghy is a Joel White design prized for their sailing, rowing and towing qualities. The boat pictured here is one that I built in 2001. It was my personal dinghy for 8 years. This picture was taken in 2008 after many years of sailing, rowing and towing, proving the longevity of glued lapstrake construction combined with a minimum of winter maintenance. LOA: 11ft 2 in, beam 48 in. The boat is an ideal tender for a yacht with an added benefit of being a fun and easy sailor. I currently do not have a shellback in the building schedule but would love to add it to the schedule and build you one.


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