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The Velociraptor

The Slipper II

Slipper #2 on the beach at Benjamin River, Sedgwick Me

Texas Slipper #1 owner out for a row

Texas owner rowing to work with new Texas flag oars from Salt Pond Rowing
The Salt Pond slipper.
Hull #1 is sold. #2 is sold. Place your order now for hull #3.
Winner of Belfast Harbor Fest Best Boat: small boat show professional category
18 ft. loa, 36 inch beam. Western red cedar and white cedar strip plank hull. Mahogany gunwales with black walnut knees and breasthook.
Hull weight is 68 lb. unrigged, 76 lb. rigged.
The slipper is an exceptionally fast, seaworthy rower.
Custom built rowing unit with laminated riggers,
Concept II oar locks and passenger seat and passenger floorboard.
delivery available




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